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Radiologic Imaging Studies

The radiologic studies are usually performed to evaluate the extent of the disease in patients having acute Sinusitis with complications. Once the clinical diagnosis is made, the medical treatment should be pursued as soon as possible.

The standard radiologic examination for imaging sinusitis is a CT scan. This is performed in both coronal and axial views and occasionally in saggital reconstruction. CT scanning has replaced conventional radiographic studies, as the details with CT scan evaluations are superior and more precise. The CT scan optimally reveals the relationship of the sinuses to the orbit and the brain. This is an invaluable piece of information in any patient with rhinosiusitis which is severe enough to produce complications.

The MRI examination is based on the water and protein signals of the mucosa. It will not delineate the difference between bacterial and viral infections. However, it is useful in evaluation of fungal sinusitis and in patients wirth fluid collections in the orbit or the brain area.

Visit our gallery of radiologic images in patients with Sinusitis (click for larger picture):


MRI scans are usually reserved for patients with Sinusitis involving the orbital or cranial cavity (brain). They are also useful in the diagnosis of fungal Sinusitis.

CSF Leak Radiographs:


Skull base tumor MRI Scan:

MRI scan demonstrating tumor around the optic nerve: